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An 'at peace' you (Parenting-4)

Good parenting.. an 'at peace' you. blog by Anupam TK

A vital component of gifting a beautiful bachpan to your children, is most definitely an 'at peace' you.

A major component of every childhood, is the home .. the home environment.. comprised primarily of parents and their temperament.The focus of this blog however, is not a discourse on being strict vs lenient, accommodating vs rigid, controlling vs .. Ideally parenting should be a judicious mix of all of these. Just as each child is unique, each family is.. each of our circumstances are. Each unique situation calls for a unique response by the parent, and no one outside of the situation can or should dictate or call the shots... But then, how will we as parents know, what to do when? whether we made the right call or not?...

If you have a genuine intrinsic desire of wanting the best for your child.. rest assured you have it in you to make the right call instinctively, each time and every time. All that is needed is a you minus your minds screams, a stress free you, a mentally calm and relaxed you, an 'at peace ' you.

Imagine scenario 1

you've had a bad day at work / had a tiff with a close friend or spouse / or simply are in a bad mood... and your child spills a glass of water on the bed... how would you likely react?

Now let's imagine scenario 2

you are calm, relaxed, in a happy place in life.. and your child spill a glass of water on the bed.. how do you react?

Your reactions in scenario 1, would be an 'acting out' of the frustrations within you... possibly raising your voice or even your hand. Your reactions in scenario 2 however, would most likely be directed towards 'being a parent'; in possibly using it as an opportunity to 'teach n guide' by telling 'we mustn't eat or drink on the bed', possibly addressing your child's fear / guilt with a hug and an 'it's OK' , possibly getting him/her to help you change the bed-sheet 'n dry out the mattress thus demonstrating 'whats done is done, lets look ahead'..

So, do not ever underestimate the importance of stress management and self care. By taking time out for yourself, by treating yourself as someone 'worth it' and important, by being 'happy' and 'at peace', you are actually gifting your child a happy childhood.. a 'beautiful bachpan'.

Today I leave you with the thought that #an_at_peace_you has all the right instincts to guide you towards being a great parent. Go on, keep calm and believe in yourself.

In case you need help in achieving the 'at peace ' you, do get in touch with us to book an appointment for personal counseling.

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