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 Academics Counseling
 (Learning Solutions

   Interventions to  help Optimise Students' Academic Output)

   Academics Counseling for Individual clients is conducted In clinic at Noida.

                It is provided to underachieving students, with the aim of helping them achieve school grades in keeping with their innate potential.
It involves in-depth Cognitive evaluation of the student (including need based psychometric tests), followed by a unique set of customised 'learning to learn' sessions, charted to meet each client's individual needs.

                Academics Counseling is concluded by furnishing a learning solutions report of the client, along-with  'way ahead' pointers' for adult care givers.

Whattsapp msg 'Academics Counseling' on +919646867260 to register your child for Academics Counseling

   Academics Counseling for Schools is conducted On-Site Pan India 

                Academics Counseling Modules are custom developed, to meet the unique needs of each school.

                Modules may be implemented to improve the academic performance of underachieving students only OR to give an impetus to the academic performance of all students of a certain class.

                We also conduct specialist modules for Board students, to help optimise their academic performance.

               Our Modules include workshops and seminars for students and associated teachers and parents.

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If you want your child/your students to get good marks (overall/subject specific) then do get in touch with us . We at anupamsCounseling would be Happy to Help.

For commissioning our services for your school and any related queries, please write in to us on from your school's official email, mentioning  official website(if any),postal address and contact nos.   

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the wind beneath your wings

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