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The wind beneath your wings...

Anyone & everyone can benefit from guidance & counseling

Frequently Asked Questions


As it helps improve your 'quality of life' by increasing your 'happiness & Success quotient'


       You may seek our guidance & counseling services 

  •      To help you better understand yourself/ your child

  •     To help bring out the best in you/ your child

  •     To help you/ your child tide over troubled times & emotionally stressful periods

  •     To guide you through periods of confusion & indecisiveness

  •     To help optimize students' academic potential

  •     To help children overcome learning/ academic struggles

  •     To help effectively manage behavioral oddities/problems   

  •     To seek inspiration & motivation to help achieve your goals 

  •     To seek clarity about developmental/life skills issues

  •     For realistic and practical career guidance using scientific methodologies

  •     For personality development 


It includes a lot. 'growing up' issues, understanding oneself as a person, as a social being... with variable content for varying age groups... but no talk whatsoever of the sex per se.

Hence to avoid misconceptions, we prefer to use the term 'Gender Education' instead.

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the wind beneath your wings

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