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The wind beneath your wings...

Career Guidance &  Counseling

  Each child is a unique blend of personality traits, strengths, weaknesses, preferences, peeves, priorities...

   We'll  help  by psycho-profiling your child, with the aim of providing you and your child, a deeper & comprehensive understanding of him/her, and by guiding your child towards the careers that he/she is most likely to succeed and thrive in... because a well chosen career assures a vibrant future, promising  Success and Happiness for life.

Career Counseling For Individual Clients (students, class 9 upwards)


  • Interview with student

  • Customised (individual needs based) Psychometric Testing of student

  • Interview with parents 

  • Preparation of detailed psycho-profile report

  • Guidance session with student and parents to discuss ​

    • report findings (scores and interpretation of results)

    • conflict resolution, if any 

    • (between parents and student)

    • planning the way ahead

      • recommended careers

      • subject/course selection

      • allied learning strategies​​​​​​

  • Follow up support


Career Counseling For Schools 
(students, class 9 upwards)

  • Interactive session with parents

  • Information dissemination, 
    Interactive session with students

  • Psychometric testing of students

  • Dissemination of test reports 

  • Follow up support




Glimpses of a few Psycho-Profile reports...

For a lifetime of Success & Happiness
Come Let us help U Choose the right career
To solicit our services, please write in to us on or  9646867260 (whattsapp/sms)
(We administer Tests under proper controlled conditions, and do not support unethical testing practices, such as dispatching tests by post, testing conducted by school staff etc.)
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the wind beneath your wings

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