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Do you 'Make Time for Me Time' ?

We are often told of the absolute importance of Putting ourselves first.. Valuing ourselves.. Loving ourselves... ' 'Take time out for

yourself' we are told.. 'Make time for Me Time' .. but how is it to be done? And what are we supposed to do in the ' Me Time'?

Well, your 'me time' can be as unique as you.. it can be done in many many different ways. It's all about experimenting and discovering what works for you.

Often we spend our 'me time' endlessly browsing through social media, playing games on our mobile, binge eating, binge watching the tv. Such activities (those that may be prefixed by 'endlessly' or 'binge' ) may on occasion, actually leave us feeling low, disconnected and listless and therefore these qualify as 'not so healthy me times' and are best kept to 'only very occasionally'.

At other times our 'me time' may include reading a book, watching a favourite tv serial, taking a walk, listening to music, dancing with gay abandon, eating an indulgent snack... I like to call these 'Mindless Me Times'. These are great and extremely effective for de-stressing, taking a break and rejuvenating our energies. I recommend treating yourself to at least one 'Mindless Me Time' each day.

And then there are 'Mindful Me Times'. To understand these, let's first take a peek into someone's 'mindful me time' unfolding.

As the crescendo of the rain built up outside, she settled down, feet up on her favorite couch, hands wrapped around a warm cuppa, and a wisp of a smile.. Home alone, cocooned in the blissful warmth, of 'I me myself'.

The world shuttled along, yet ceased to be, as I reminisced, cherished and applauded myself. Today I was celebrating a gutsy girl,.. the 23 year old me. I marvelled at her, her sheer guts to step into the unknown... to leave behind all .. to embark on a journey alone.. I agree all girls do it.. but that didn't make it any easier for me..) I applauded her, that despite the twists 'n turns, ravines 'n churns, she kept at it and today the 'Us' stands at 23 strong. Today, on our wedding anniversary, as we achieve 23 years of 'Us'... I make time for 'me time' to reminisce and celebrate me.

So you see, 'Mindful Me Times', can be super easy and super fun too. You don't need a holiday destination or even a coffee shop. Your favourite spot in your home can work perfectly fine, the most essential ingredient you'll need is You. These are the 'me times' when you choose to consciously and deliberately spend time with yourself. You look inwards, introspect, get to know yourself, understand yourself, forgive yourself, reassure yourself, applaud yourself, sympathise with yourself, appreciate yourself, encourage yourself.. basically, you give yourself whatever it is that you need from a true friend, at this moment in life.

Mindful Me time essentials:

Alone, no disturbances no distractions, just you and your thoughts.

In Calm comfortable secure surroundings ( whether simply at home or at an exotic Holiday destination.. that's your pick)

Celebrate yourself, by reminiscing,

things about you that you are proud of,

the obstacles you may have overcome,

your achievements big and small,

the joys of your life

the sorrows that that are now past tense.

Forgive yourself for your follies.

Applaud yourself for your patience, courage... whatever it is that defines you.

Get in touch with the real you. The imperfectly unique and beautiful You.

Understand yourself, Appreciate yourself, Accept yourself as you are.. all of it - the good the bad the ugly.

Don't be disheartened if it's kind of awkward the first time round.. up and close encounters with strangers often are😊. Be patient, be persistent. Once you get to know you, you'll most definitely fall in love and absolutely adore your company,.. cause no one can truly understand, appreciate and value you, the way You can.

So, incase you haven't done it so far, make a beginning today, at experimenting with 'Mindful Me Times'.

Make time to spend time in your own company. Make time to look within, to look inwards. Discover yourself. Get to know the real you. Befriend yourself. Fall in love with yourself. There's so much you'll gain from these 'Mindful Me Times' besides the blissful moments of the me time itself. For one, the Self-love shall radiate true happiness and since Happy people are the most beautiful.. "mindful Me times' qualifiy as the ultimate self-care routine.. better than any salon or Spa. Yet another.. you'll never be lonely again😊


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