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'Child Safety Advocacy'
 Prevention & Intervention

 ALL children are at risk of Sexual abuse. Being extra cautious about children's safety is a must but is it enough to keep them safe?

 Unlike rape & sexual assault, sexual abuse is rarely a one time event; with the victim being subjected to this heinous crime, repeatedly over days, months.. even years!!

Even worse, unlike victims of rape & assault, who 'know' they have been wronged, victims of child sexual abuse are tormented by  confusion, self doubt, self loathing, guilt, shame, fear... because it often involves some degree of 'giving in', to begin with, from the unwitting, curious, trusting/fearful child.


Child sexual abuse, thus continues to flourish in the garb of silence claimed by shame, guilt and fear of the victim; or  'hush.. nothing happened's' from 'well meaning' parents... and the victims often end up suffering lifelong  psychological trauma. (The typical child offender molests an average of 117 children, most of whom never report the offence!!)

 Alert aware & watchful parents and schools are an absolute must... but are not enough to keep our children safe.  


Children need to be adequately empowered too.


 Child Safety Awareness
Circle of Trust
Circle of trust, a Program, specially developed for schools, aims at keeping children safe.
The implementation of this program includes: 
  • workshops for students;
  • seminars for associated teachers and parents;
  • systemic interventions
  • consultation with the school administration and
  • need based individual interventions. 
Pretending it doesn't exist won't make it go away.
Generating the right kind of awareness can prevent and mitigate ongoing and future incidents, in addition to creating a platform for past victims (all age groups) to heal.
To ensure that your children are safe from abuse at all times and/or to help yourself or a loved one who has been abused:
Schools - Email us your request/ queries with 'Circle of Trust'as the subject.

                                                                     click here to know more about the program 



Individuals / families  - Whattsapp msg 'CSA' to +919646867260 for booking Personal Counseling sessions.

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