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Gender education for Students


Modules for Schools.. Optimizing Happiness Quotient

(For Parents & schools that value childhood and genuinely care)

Our children are constantly being exposed to, unsolicited, irrelevant and uncalled for information, perpetuated by the media and the web. Timely, proactive action in addressing certain pertinent issues, is absolutely essential to ensure that our children have a safe and happy childhood.

If you are a parent / school that truly cares.. then do read on.


Pretending things don't exist does not make them go away..
Yes, our children are growing up.. in a big bad world
Yes, there is a constant fear of possible abuse
Yes, they have awkward 'growing up' questions
No, the questions won't go away because U choose to ignore them
Yes, they will seek answers, however..wherever..from whomsoever

Prevention is better than Cure

A solution to safeguarding our children's today whilst also laying the foundation for a safe society tomorrow, are Primary Prevention Programs.


Following are Primary Prevention Programs, specially developed by us, for effective implementation in schools.

1. Adolescent Health Module

This includes a series of age appropriate workshops, addressing adolescence centric developmental issues; and encompass physical, social & psychological aspects of Adolescent health of middle & senior school students (boys and girls).


These workshops are customised to the needs of each individual school, considering the cultural and socioeconomic diversity in India.

In the face of the 'Information Explosion' that todays generation is exposed to, these workshops are an opportunity for students to get age appropriate answers to their questions, thereby satiating their curiosity in a safe and controlled environment.

By adressing issues pertinent to the tempestuous period of adolescence ,these sessions are a means of

  • promoting healthy psychological growth

  • minimizing the probability of aberrant social behaviour now, as well as later in life, as adults

  • developing well balanced personalities.

2. Armoring against Abuse
Circle of Trust
Circle of trust, a Program, specially developed for schools, aims at Protecting Children from Sexual Abuse.
The implementation of this program includes, workshops for kindergarten and primary students (boys and girls); seminars for associated teachers and parents; systemic interventions consultation with the school administration and need based individual interventions. 
Pretending it doesn't exist won't make it go away.
Generating the right kind of awareness can prevent and mitigate ongoing and future incidents, in addition to creating a platform for past victims (all age groups) to heal.
To  read more about
why we need to armor children from abuse 
In addition to the above mentioned programs, we conduct personal sessions for parents & children, at our Noida clinic.
Keeping children safe against sexual abuse,

Schools : For bookings /queries, please write in to us at from your school's official email, clearly mentioning authentication details such as official website, address and contact nos.

                                               Individuals: contact  us here   to book appointments.

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