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Parents - Help your kid BE THE BEST- The Class XI stream selection dilemma

Choosing streams in class XI can be especially stressful because of the seeming ' finality' of it all.. thoughts like 'if she gives up sciences there's no going back' , 'hope his percentage will make him eligible to continue maths' ...

Yes, academics are important but must not be the all of a student's life, especially in classes XI and XII. Often in our spree of keeping maximum options open, our children are forced to spread themselves out thin. Buried deep under the unending pressure of academics, they rarely have the time and energy to grow and discover themselves.. Many of them, often realize what they want in life, much too late.. hence the 'on the rise' instances of students dropping midways out of ' prestigious' graduate courses / pursuing careers in areas completely unrelated to their academic education.. and such.

The ultimate goal of stream selection, is that our child be able to find his/her groove.. One that's the perfect fit for him/her as a unique being.. One that ensures Happiness and Success in the world of work. And the end all of class XII afterall, is to be able to secure admission into a course/ college of choice. Here is how you may approach this strategically:

  • Change the focus from selecting streams to selecting subjects.Choose the key subject/s that are needed to lead him/her towards the career of their choice. (If undecided seek the help of a Career Counsellor for careers best suited for your child) As for the add on subjects, encourage them to choose subjects that'll most likely keep them academically stress free, happy and relaxed.

  • Let the decision emanate from your child.. from your understanding of your child as a unique being.. an individual with a unique set of likes, dislikes, abilities, shortcomings, aspirations and dreams. (If unsure seek the help of a career counsellor to better understand your child)

  • Base the decision on your child feeling happy, successful and competent in his/her 'now' vs possibly struggling to keep up.

Since all class XII subjects are equally scoring, this approach:

  • Maximizes your child's chances of getting the highest possible score, in keeping with his/her ability.

  • Enables him/her to focus on the key subject/s.

  • Provides him/her, the time and energy to discover themselves and grow as a person.

Thus you ensure that your child fares well in various college admissions.. whether marks based, entrance based or interview based.

It is a myth, that happiness and success are achieved only post an arduous route... a well chosen career, ideally entails a seemingly effortless and enjoyable path leading up to a career which has one excited and enthusiastic to 'wake up to' each day.

Life is Now. If your child is happy and growing in his/her present, be rest assured they'll continue thus in the future too. There are endless opportunities in terms of courses and careers.. and most definitely, the one ideal for your child is awaiting him/her. 😊

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