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Career Counseling FAQs- Who.. When.. What.. Why..

This article briefly answers the following. Who needs Career Counseling? When must one seek Career Counseling? What happens during Career Counseling? Why choose us?


Career Counseling may be sought by any individual seeking guidance in taking decisions about one or various aspects of one's career / career plans.

Whether you are a Student (class 9 upwards), a Young adult starting out in the world of work, or a Professional .. considering a change of career.. restarting after a break in career.. seeking a second innings post retirement


Cc may be sought on an individual need basis, whenever one needs guidance in taking career related decisions. The need for Cc, may vary from person to person.

While one student may have decided on what career he/ she wants to pursue but be unsure about which path towards achieving it, is best suited for him/her.. another may be clueless as to what career to choose at all.. yet another may need Cc to know whether he/she is being realistic in their career choice .. while another may seek Cc for family conflict resolution, wherein the individual's career aspirations are not in sync with other family members (parents, spouse..) expectations... yet another may seek Cc to help decide between two equally attractive options... be it streams, subjects, courses or career paths.


As for what happens during Career Counseling - A career counselor is trained and equipped to guide and empower students, their parents and young adults, to take an informed decision about all matters related to career.

During the process of Career Counseling, the Career Counselor Psycho-profiles the client by interacting at length with him/her, and conducting need based Psychometric tests, custom selected to meet the unique needs of each individual client.

This is done with the aim of gaining a deep understanding of the client, in terms of his/her needs, aspirations, personality, aptitude, abilities, limitations, learning styles, intelligence, brain hemisphericity, interests, family dynamics... A comprehensive psycho-profile of the client thus generated becomes the scientific basis of providing guidance to the client's career related queries, confusions and indecisions. This enables clients to take career related decisions, that best meet their aspirations, while being realistic and practical.

Cc at Anupams

is a highly personalised service, where all aspects of evaluation (intake interview, administration of Psychometric tests, report generation, interpretation of results..) and report dissemination are handled by me personally. [ I earned distinction in Psychometric testing during my PG training at NCERT, have 23+ years of experience and am an RCI registered Vocational Counselor.]

Report dissemination includes recommending careers which would most likely be the 'best fit' for you, in terms of future success and satisfaction; while alongside, explaining the reasons for these recommendations, on the basis of your Psychological Profile.

Career recommendations go beyond broad generic headings such as 'Medical', with specific recommendations (eg. BVMS/ MBBS/ BDS/.. in addition to recommended specialisations (eg. hospital management/ research/ paediatrics/ surgery...)

Variable career paths (for careers that offer multiple entry points eg. Indian Army, law..) and recommended career path are also discussed.

Unlimited Free follow-up text chats.

For any queries or clarifications, please feel free to write in to me at

We do not liaison with any educational or coaching institutes, and do not help in procurement of admissions.

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