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Are our children Safe? all times?

Our greatest worry

If you are the head of a school, a concerned educator or a parent, this worry is probably a permanent part of you. You are alert and careful, but is it enough?

Just as, cladding our kids in warm clothing is a must to protect them from the cold, but not 'enough' without the children's role in 'keeping the warm clothing 'on' at all times'. Similarly, when it comes to protecting our children from sexual abuse, being alert and careful is a must, but not enough, unless our children too, have an active role in ensuring it.

Children need to be adequately empowered too, because wish as we may, we cannot be with our children, 24/7, past a certain age.

A solution

''Circle of Trust', a program developed with 20+ years of up and close experiences as a counselling psychologist, a parent and an educator; is the answer to all your child safety worries. Implementing this program at your School, can ensure that your students are Safe at All Times.

''Circle of Trust' the Program

'Circle of Trust' is a Primary Prevention Program; developed for schools, that helps keep children safe and protected from abuse, whilst keeping children's innocence intact.

This program is customized to seamlessly blend with each individual school's existing curriculum. It includes much more than merely a treatise on good touch and bad touch.

Implementation of the Circle of Trust includes:

  • 'age appropriate' workshops for students (pre-primary upwards)

  • seminars for associated teachers and parents

  • 'systemic interventions consultation', with the school administration

  • need based Individual and Group Intervention/s.

Some research stats

Ill effects of child sexual abuse can persist through adolescence and into adulthood. Sexually abused preschool children who are not identified, diagnosed, and treated at the time of abuse frequently surface 7-10 years later in the legal system as runaways, delinquents, or prostituted children (NAPSAC, 2008).

Positive outcomes are associated with early detection and treatment (American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry, 2004).

Student safety & future generations

A psychologically healthy & safe childhood, minimises the possibility of socially aberrant behavior as adults.

Such that :

'A Beautiful Bachpan' today = A Safer Society tomorrow.

Thus, by keeping the present generation safe... we actually pave the way for a safer society for future generations!

In Conclusion

Want to ensure that your students are Safe Always? If yes, then choose to get the 'Circle of Trust' implemented at your school. By doing so, you would also ensure a safer society for future generations!!

(To know why it is so important to empower our children, click here.)

Ps: ''Circle of Trust' is one of the programs/ modules under our 'Beautiful Bachpan' initiative. You may read about our other modules for schools

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