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We can create a Safer Society. Here's how...

interactive life skills talk for students, being conducted by Anupam (talwar) kohli

As emotions run high seeking justice for Asifa... an underlying, all encompassing, morbid fear resurfaces... as it did, when we raised our voices for Nirbhaya.. or just last year, when parents questioning the safety of their kids, at school, had reached a feverish pitch... A fear that reaches its crescendo, every once in a while... a fear, that never really recedes, in the face of the innumerable Asifas and Alis amidst us, who suffer and wither in anonymity. A paralyzing fear, that no place is safe for 'us and ours', grips us... What then? Where lies the solution? The government clearly needs to amp up the law and order situation.. it needs to work on implementing sterner laws and accountability.. But is that enough?

Each and every one of the perpetrators has been one of us, a part of our society... so how did they grow up to be such monsters, such sick minded perverts...? Can we as a society work towards ensuring that the future generations are #monster_free? A possible solution lies in educating our children... In taking education beyond mere academics. In dropping our inhibitions and acquainting our children with Life...

Let's talk to our children about making choices, about social dos and donts, about legal and moral rights, about natural human instincts vs animal instincts, about keeping themselves safe, about respecting other's boundaries, about peer pressure, about mental health, about...

Let's educate our children right. Let's ensure that our children grow up right. Let's give them a fair chance of growing up into well adjusted, psychologically sound, humane adults.

Let's endeavor to build the foundation of a future generation that may as well be '#monster_free' . Let's work towards creating a safer society for our children in addition to gifting them a safe_childhood, and a beautiful_bachpan.

We must because we can.

Do you think this is a viable solution? Can we hope for a brighter and safer future? Do share your thoughts in the comments below.

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