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Quality time (Parenting-3)

  If listen rang right for you..then it's time to make time for quality time. :-) Nothing new about it though.. we hear of it all the time.. don't we? .. and yet do you make the time?.. sometimes? or all the time?

Whenever possible.. as far as possible.. most of the time.. won't make the grade. Consistency is of essence here.

Simply making a conscious effort to spend  30 mins (yes, often, that's all it takes) of quality time with your child, everyday, can work miracles. 30 mins of 'together time', of making your child feel, it's just you and him/her.. koi teesra nahin :-) (yes quality time is recommended for each child individually.. plus it works wonders in keeping sibling rivalry at bay)

Choose a 'together time' that best suits your convenience (a time when you can be a 100% available to him/her, along with your undivided attention. Anything below 100% does not qualify as 'quality time'.) and then, try to blend it as seamlessly as possible into your child's daily routine.( Do remember, he/she needs to be a willing participant too :-) .. so don't expect them to drop whatever they are at, simply because you made an appearance ).

The best 'quality times' are those when you join your child in whatever activity he/she enjoys currently.Do not ever underrate the value of the 'quality time'  you spent body massaging n bathing your infant :-).. n as they grow.. spend 'together time' building castles, racing cars, dressing dolls, watching cartoons.. n then.. grooving to music, checking out videos, watching TV, clicking selfies, experimenting with hairstyles...n then cooking, jogging, gyming, window shopping, discussing books, the news, TV soaps.. n then one day just sitting back ...chatting over a drink.. :-)) 

'Quality time' with your children will make you a quintessential part of their lives screenplay, not merely a special appearance VIP.. so they won't just revere you,  they'll accept you as part of the regular scenery.. and when such a time comes that they need to reach out to someone..they'll know you are there.. because you have always been... 

Savor these together times.. not only will they gift your child a beautiful bachpan, they will will prove to be awesome 'feel good' stress busters for you, leaving you energized with a mushy little contented feeling buzzing within you.

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