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Unleash the tiger within. Yes you can.

Our self concept is based almost entirely on how others see us. We know no other reality... Ironically, the biggest downers of our lives are often the judgements, assessments, opinions, beliefs of others. I share herein, a few lines that spontaneously poured forth, inspired by this pic I came across in an FB post

We think we are kittens. We believe so.. n live so.. Because they told us so. They tell only that, that they can see. A mere segment, a fragment, a streak. In entirety .. can only thee. Go on, pause, turn your sights within, n see. Lets See it, believe it, live it. Feed it, nurture it, hone it. Quietly, unpretentiously, Persistently. Keep at it, relentlessly. The day will come when we may unleash it. Einstein's teacher saw a kitten that failed math. Yet emerged a world famed scientist, amidst the tiger's wrath. Let not what they see, be my reality. Believe.. I am, n will be; everything, that I can see Dream Big. n make your dreams a reality.

Happiness is looking beyond the visible Happiness is seeing that, that isn't Happiness is seeing what 'may' be Happiness is questioning the norm Happiness is seeking answers Happiness is looking within Happiness is dreaming Happiness is believing Happiness is a looking ahead to Happiness is being able to see the tiger Happiness is breathing life into it Happiness is seeing it come alive

Go on discover and optimize your innate potential.. unleash the tiger within.

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