An overview of some of our  customized Psycho-Social modules

For Commissioned officers of the Indian Air Force:

Harmonious relationships

Leadership and Introspection

For Junior commissioned officers of the Indian Air Force:

Superannuation a possible stressor

For JCOs & NCOs of the Indian Army:

Jaagruk aur Satark Sipahi 

a peer counseling initiative towards 'Suicide prevention'


For Officers of the Indian Military's Nursing Corps:

Basic Counseling Skills


For Faculty of a Degree College:

Kanya bhroon hatya aur Naari sashaktikaran

Female foeticide and womens empowerment)

At a District NACO meet:

AIDS awareness for youth - A Psychological Perspective

 For Corporate

Priming the team into the core ethos & values of the company .

Facilitating and moderating a strategic policy discussion

a remediation intervention to identify areas of concern vis a vis personell satisfaction 

#Life skills for adults such as

 positive thinking, mental hygiene etc

#Soft skills for professionals such as

 Stress management, Communication skills, optimizing work output etc

We conduct modules via 

  • One on one sessions

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Interactive talks

Our Life Skills modules, are aimed at

  • helping young students grow into successful and well adjusted adults

  •  helping minimize socially aberrant behaviour in students

  • helping young adults optimally prepare for the challenges ahead

  • helping adults live happy & healthy lives

  • helping professionals improve the quality of their professional lives & optimize their work output.