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Indu the educationist and social activist is an MA BEd, with an illustrious 30 yrs career of teaching and administration in schools. 

Post retirement she has been actively involved in various social  service  pursuits, especially concerning the education and empowerment of underprivileged girls.

APS Lucknow, IPS Indore, AS Kalimpong are some of the schools in her journey as an educator. A treasure of expertise and experience, especially for students of primary classes and their parents;  once during her career,  seeing middle school students inevitably struggling with   'basics'in maths,  she voluntarily  shifted to teaching primary classes, so as to help  students  develop strong  basic concepts.

 She  strongly advocates that besides having sound basic concepts in academics, children need to be taught correct 'study habits' as well the correct 'learning methodologies'.

All through her career, she lived by the dictum 'there are no 'problem children', only 'children with problems' and whether as  teacher or principal, she also always strongly advocated the paramount role of parents, in a child's academic performance and behaviour.

 From being the first girl from UP to undergo a mountaineering course at HMI Darjeeling (under the stalwart mentor-ship of Tenzing Norgay and Col N Kumar), to being the youngest in the NCC , RDP camp, to  being a life  member of the National Adventure Foundation, to being an amazing self taught Artist... she is a true inspiration and role model, with tons of wisdom, for young girls.

 An exceptionally gifted artist, she helps bring colour,  figuratively as well as literally, into peoples lives, via art workshops for therapy and  personality development.

Glimpses of a few of her paintings

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