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For Schools

Just as the rising sun dispels all darkness, spurring the birds to take flight into a brand new day... We at AnupamsCounseling, help dispel the darkness of doubts, indecision, sadness, worries, fears... by empowering you with clarity, confidence, hope and joy... thus spurring you on towards a brighter & better tomorrow.

For commissioning our services for your school and any related queries, please write in to us on from your school's official email, mentioning  official website(if any),postal address and contact nos.   

Group Guidance sessions

(Workshops & Seminars)

For students

Conducted for secondary and senior secondary classes. Whilst your teachers teach them subject matter, we'll teach your students how to  learn. We offer  sessions on developing and enhancing, learning skills & examination skills (including examination anxiety).


For Teachers

Sessions aimed at optimizing output of teachers by helping them develop/revisit skills for enhancing their students' learning ability.

Sessions would include,

Appraisal & Assessment (using relevant psychometric tests where needed)

Need based Interventions,

 Feedback & Way Ahead Recommendations for adult care givers. 

For further details/For custom designed sessions to suit your schools needs, please email us at   

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