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the wind beneath your wings

Just as the rising sun dispels all darkness, spurring the birds to take flight into a brand new day... We at AnupamsCounseling, help dispel the darkness of doubts, indecision, sadness, worries, fears... by empowering you with clarity, confidence, hope and joy... thus spurring you on towards a brighter & better tomorrow.

Services For Individuals

  • Psychological Counseling 

    • Adults​

    • Children & Adolescents

    • Parents

  • Career Counseling

  • Academics Counseling

  • Personality Development

  • Mentorship for Trainee Counselors

Services For Schools 
(for students | staff | parents)

  • Workshops

  • Seminars

  • Group Guidance sessions

    •  Psycho-Social Guidance & Counselling

      •  Adolescent Health Education

      • Armoring Against Abuse

      • Life Skills education

    • Career Guidance & Counseling

    • Academics Guidance & Counseling 

Services For Institutions & Organizations

  • Consultant

  • Resource Person

  • Guest faculty

  • Soft Skills Trainer


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Our Social Cause Initiatives


We conduct workshops and seminars for children and their adult caregivers, generating awareness about and armouring children against  the social evil of sexual abuse; at v. nominal rates

We strongly believe in women empowerment and children's rights issues, and provide 
free of charge  services to   underprivileged women & children. 

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